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Become a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer

Create a career or add to your current business. Are you looking for a paper solution for your current clients? Are you starting your own business to help clients with their paper systems?  The Paper Solution® Certification Course allows you to do just that. Turn your passion projects into your passion business!

2023 Paper Solution® Training

All times Eastern Standard Time.

Attend ONE virtual training date 

  • October Virtual training

  • Thursday, October 19, 10 am - 4 pm

AND ONE in-person training weekend in Ohio

  • Cincinnati Training Dates for 2024 - TBA



What is a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer?

The Paper Solution® Certified Organizer are professionals trained to help busy people, in all phases of life, learn the functional skills of paper organization, using the products and services offered by Organize 365®

These include The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Binders, the Warrior MAMA Binder, and Paper Organizing Retreats.

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What will you learn during our course?

Organize 365® Introduction

The initial training takes you into the Organize 365® mission, philosophy, and mindset of organizing. You will learn how organization is a learnable skill and will be able to connect with the organizers as part of the Organize 365® Community.

Client Relationships

We introduce how to create opportunities to work with your clients in one on one and group workshop settings.

Finding Your Value

We help you craft your personal offerings by training you in the areas of the products and services provided by Organize 365®.

From Training to Marketing

We take you through training within the course then move you to licensing with marketing tools to move you forward.

Meet The Team

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