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Education Friday Workbox® Certification

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This is an additional certification for Paper Solution® Certified Organizers to support educators in the day to day work and project planning.

With the Education Friday Workbox, you can eliminate piles of work-related paper once and for all. The Education Friday Workbox is an organizational tool to keep your paper under control, and improve your skills of paper management. This system comes with a physical playbook, extensive online education, and membership in our exclusive online community. You will learn the skills of organizing work papers, planning your week for maximum productivity, and making consistent progress on your goals.

The Education Friday Workbox Certification fee includes the following training:

  • Virtual Retreat Training during Education Camp

  • Additional Education Certification Q &  A

The following marketing:

  • Listing in the Organize 365® Professional Organizer Directory as an Education Friday Workbox Certified Organizer

  • Commission paid on Education Friday Workbox Systems

Education Friday Workbox Webinar
Save the Teachers

Laura Long, Paper Solution & Education Friday Workbox® Certified Organizer

After finding Lisa & her book The Paper Solution, I immediately started to implement the systems that she teaches. As I began to succeed in my Sunday Basket, and started to work on my binders, I thought of so many people in my life who would benefit from this way of organizing. And if I personally know this people who need an easy paper solution, how many more busy women are out there looking for this solution? As I began to create Hello Organize, I began to use the Friday Workbox system for Professional Organizers that Lisa created. As I began to work with clients, I began to see a need in my community for the Education Friday Workbox system. Becoming certified has given me the skills and confidence to work with in-school teachers and homeschool moms to develop their own Education Friday Workbox to corral all of their administrative duties into one place and plan proactively, rather than reactively responding to avoidable situations. 

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Michele Engerran, Paper Solution & Education Friday Workbox® Certified Organizer

The educator’s workbox is essential to my work day and week. It has provided me the structure to streamline and manage the various administrative components related to my student caseload and my professional duties. Credential programs do not prepare new teachers to deal with the constant barrage of administrative tasks. Having an educator’s workbox not only frees up countless hours of personal time spent on school-related tasks but also enables teachers to be more organized and efficient at work. It is a game changer.

Michele Engerran.png

Rhonda Haynes, Paper Solution & Education Friday Workbox® Certified Organizer

The Education Workbox Certification was a natural next step because I had been a classroom teacher in my younger years and I am a homeschooling mom of over 24 years, two more years to go.  Again, the products, courses and supports this system offers were LIFE CHANGING and LIFE GIVING and I wanted to be able to teach, represent and support teachers (in the home or the classroom) in using their Organize 365 systems to gain more harmony in their home and peace in their mind to make their teaching more effective, impacting and enjoyable.

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The Education Friday Workbox Certification is available via application after you have become a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer. The Education Friday Workbox Certification is $2500.

*You must first be a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer to add on this certification.

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