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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course requirements?

Complete the online and in-person training, set up your Sunday Basket@ and Binders, attend a live training and Paper Organizing Retreat, and read The Paper Solution®.

How much does the course cost and how does payment work?

The Paper Solution® Certification Course is $2500 and the annual certification fee is $475.

Is there an additional fee after purchasing The Paper Solution® Certification Course?

Yes.  After you finish the course, you will need to pay the annual licensing fee of $475 to maintain The Paper Solution® Certification. 

How long is The Paper Solution® Certification Active

The Paper Solution® Certification is good for one year.  The Paper Solution® licensing fee of $475 will be automatically charged to your method of payment each year to maintain your certification and license. 

What can I do with this certification?

The Paper Solution® Certification give you the license to teach the Sunday Basket®, host Paper Organizing Retreats, teach Binder Workshops, and prove 1-1 and group coaching using the Organize 365® products and programs.

What happens after I attend the course? Am I certified immediately?

After you have successfully completed the course, you will interview with a member of our Certification Team. Once the onboarding interview is complete, you will receive a contract, trademark and marketing guidelines, and an invoice for the Paper Solution licensing fee of $475.

Can I teach workshops and retreats online?

Yes, Certified Organizers may host live, online workshops (not recorded) for your audience.

How soon can I begin working with clients?

You may begin working with clients as soon as you complete your certification training, signed your contract, and pay your annual certification fee.  

Will Lisa Woodruff teach these courses?

Due to the increasing demand for her time, the course will be led by Organize 365. All materials, curriculum, and teaching has been created by Lisa Woodruff with collaboration from her team. Lisa will be available for a portion of the in-person training events.

Is there a commission program?

Yes, Paper Solution® Certified Organizers receive 30% commission on Paper Solution® eligible products in the Organize 365® store.

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

You will have immediate access to the entire course so there will be no refunds.

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