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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to have purchased the Sunday Basket® System?

Yes. You must have purchased & implemented the Sunday Basket® System to be Certified. If you have not already purchased your Sunday Basket®, you can do so here.

How soon can I teach a Sunday Basket® Workshop?

You will be a Certified Sunday Basket® Workshop Organizer as soon as you complete your training, you have signed your contract, and paid your annual certification fee. Training can be completed online in a weekend.

Can I teach my Sunday Basket® Workshops online?

Yes, Certified Sunday Basket® Workshop Organizers may host LIVE online workshops (not recorded) for their audience. 

How long is my Certified Sunday Basket® Workshop Organizer certification active?

“Your Sunday Basket® Workshop certification is good for one year. The renewal fee of $475 will be automatically charged to your method of payment each year to maintain your certification and listing in the Organize 365® Certified Organizer Directory. You can change your payment to $40/month in year 2 of your certification.

How do I earn commission on the Sunday Basket® System?

You will have a Referral Partner Store link to send to your customers.  You earn a 30% commission on the Complete Sunday Basket® System.  Commissions are paid out at the end of each month.

Do I get special pricing on Sunday Basket® Supplies?

Yes, there is wholesale pricing for the Sunday Basket®, 1.0, and 2.0 slash pockets.

What supplies are needed for a Sunday Basket® Workshop?

For in-person events, each participant will need at least 3 feet of table space to sort their paper. You will need a designated place for trash and recycling paper. It is nice to give each participant their own paper bag for items they will take home and shred. You can buy paper bags at ALDI. For virtual events, you will notify your customer of what supplies they need to have for your event.

Do I have to be or want to be a professional organizer to be a Sunday Basket® Workshop Certified Organizer?

No, you do not have to be a "professional organizer", but you do have to have a business you are attaching your certification to. 

Businesses include: 

  1. Any thing with an EIN number.

  2. A checking account with a DBA [doing business as] designation.

  3. Or an LLC for your business.

Basically, you are ADDING the Sunday Basket® Workshop Certification to something you are already doing.

If you do not already have an established Professional Organizing business, please consider joining us in our "Start" program at where we will help you establish your company before joining us as a Certified Sunday Basket® Workshop Organizer.

Do I have to have a full blown website to be a Sunday Basket® Workshop Certified Organizer?

You can use website or landing page.  Or, you can use a scheduling app like Eventbrite, or Acuity. This give you away to register your attendees and collect payment.  This will be used in your listing in the Organize 365® Certified Organizer Directory.

How do I get my Sunday Basket® Workshops and Events listed in the Organize 365® Directory?

You must provide for us a link to either a webpage or scheduling app that links directly to your Sunday Basket® information and workshop information and registration.  

Do I need to have my own business set up to do this?

Yes.  If you need steps on how to do this, you can check out our START course.

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