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It's time to get certified.


Let's do this!!

Answer YES to each of the following and Get Certified!

  • Do you have the complete Sunday Basket® System from Organize 365®?

  • Have you watched both videos that come with the Sunday Basket® System?

  • Do you have an EIN number, DBA [doing business as] or LLC for your business?                                          (The Sunday Basket® Certification is an addition to your existing business.)*

If you need help starting your business please check out the Organize 365® Professional Organizer Think Tank START Program.

  • It is $475 to sign up and there is a yearly renewal fee of $475.

  • If you choose not to renew, we ask for a 30 day notice so we can turn off your "subscription" through Paypal.

  • You must sign up through Paypal, but you do not have to have a Paypal account - you can use a debit or credit card, just simply choose that option.




After you register we will be in touch the next business day to get you all set up!

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